Flexible wages
and savings

Enable your employees to become financially independent with on-demand pay, automated savings and financial education

The best part of it? We take care of everything so there is no impact on your cash flow

Your financial well-being app for employees

LaraPay allows you to alleviate the common costs and problems that arise from financially stressed employees. With a variety of features such as flexible early wage access, LaraPay provides a comprehensive tool that increases productivity and whilst decreasing financial stress and employee turnover.

Real-time wage overview

Early-wage access


Financial Counseling

Financial counseling

Tackling the damaging impact of the monthly pay cycle

LaraPay process
  • Zero changes in your payroll accounting
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Zero impact on your cash flow

Financial stress in the workplace is becoming the norm in Germany


of the German population has no savings at all


of the German population cannot meet unexpected expenses at least once a year


of the population lacks basic financial knowledge

Why you should care about your employee’s financial well-being

Productivity loss
Financially stressed employees worry and become less productive.
Financially stressed employees change jobs more often.
Sick leave
Financial stress damages health and increases work absence.

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Do my employees need their own computers or smartphones to use LaraPay?

Your employees can easily use LaraPay on their private smartphones.The app is available both on iOS and Android phones. You don’t have to provide anything in order for your employees to use LaraPay meaning there are no additional costs for your company.

Do we have to integrate our HR system with LaraPay?

Yes – depending on the HR software you use at your company, we’ll either have an existing integration set up, and if not, we’ll build one.

Who is LaraPay already working with?

Unfortunately, we are unauthorised to disclose this information yet, but feel free to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on LaraPay partnerships!

Who pays for LaraPay? And how much does it cost?

Your employees only pay a small fixed fee per early wage request which is transparently communicated to them with every request.

We’re more than happy to send you the exact figures – just let us know via our contact form.

Are we the right employer to use LaraPay?

If you want to provide your employees with an inexpensive, straightforward and anonymous option to easily overcome financial bottlenecks, then you’re the right employer!

No matter which industry you’re in – whether you provide temporary employment or work with shift schedules, LaraPay can support you in relieving your employees of financial stress burden.

Is LaraPay compatible with part-time employment, sick days, parental leave, etc.?

Yes – LaraPay integrates directly with your HR software which means we’re able to track exactly how many hours each employee has worked ensuring total accuracy of early wage payouts.

Is LaraPay also available for shift, hourly wage and temporary workers?

Absolutely! In fact, LaraPay was originally developed with exactly these employees in mind. Irregular monthly earnings and fluctuating hours are immensely stressful for employees, which is what led us to our goal of tackling financial stress in the workplace.

If an employee leaves the company, how can we be sure that they will no longer be able to withdrway early wages?

Once you put a leave date for the employee in your HR system, we will immediately retrieve the information and update the amount the employee can access accordingly.

Does the employer have to finance the early wage accesses?

No. We fund 100% of the early-wage requests submitted by your employees and we ensure that there is no impact on your cash flow.

How do you ensure employees cannot claim more money than they're entitled to?

As the employer, you can decide the percentage at which you want to cap your employees when withdrawing their early wages. When an employee makes an early wage request, they will see their maximum withdrawal amount based on the amount of hours they have worked and on the cap percentage you set for them. (Partnering companies have reported positive experiences with an early wage cap of 50%).

By integrating with your HR system we are able to retrieve real-time data on the amount your employees have earned. Together with your early wage cap, we are able to constantly control how much an individual employee can withdraw. The early wage cap percentage can go up to a maximum of 50%.

What are the implications on our payroll accounting?

There are virtually no implications. You simply need to update the IBAN to which the employee’s salary is transferred, and we will take care of the rest.

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